If all work could give as much pleasure as writing this book has given me, I would never need a vacation again. After practicing family psychotherapy for thirty years, I have opted to write only about happy and positive things in the future.
The Princess on a Cloud started out as a short story which I gave to my husband for comments. His reaction surprised me. “Why doesn’t anybody write stories like this anymore? Can you write more?” he asked. Thanks to him, I did and continue to write more.

Thank you to my creative son, Jason, who always has a new project going. And to my car-crazy son, Kyle, whose creativity surfaces in keeping an antique Corvette roadworthy. In their childhood, my sons wanted to hear stories “from the mouth, Mommy,” instead of from a book. Their requests forced me to create new tales most nights. I even dictated stories on tape so they could hear my voice when a babysitter had to put them to bed.
My two wonderful nieces, Andi and Saby, grew up like sisters during their years without a sibling. Their close relationship served as a model for Cordelia and Emma. I am grateful to be their friend as well as their auntie.

It would be an omission not to thank a long-standing friend, Erich Kaestner, whose book Das doppelte Lottchen was one of my childhood’s favourites. I realized much later that I had-subconsciously-planted my princess/orphan story in similar soil.
Susan CodeMcDougall took her pen to the chaff and did a wonderful editing job. Gary Fredericks’ lively illustrations enhance the story beautifully. Thank you to both.
To you, dear reader, my heart-felt thanks for being interested in the story of Princess Cordelia and orphan Emma. I hope you will enjoy the book.

R. Patricia Capitain
The Thousand Islands