It took me a long time to get serious about publishing my work. I have been writing ever since I learned how to join letters to form words and link words into sentences.

I won a prize-a copy of The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales-for writing about Christmas, when I was in grade three. I started reading the first story in the book on the streetcar going home from the prize giving presentation, and I haven’t stopped reading or writing since.

My background is diverse. It includes German, Polish, and French genetically. Growing up with a Lutheran mother and a Roman Catholic father left me secular.

My academic background is eclectic. I went to photography school and took courses in journalism. When that didn’t feel right, I chose old English and old German literature as a major. That, too, wasn’t right for me, so I changed to a major in psychology. I had finally made the right decision and found the niche that suited my personality.

The next thirty years I spent as a clinical family psychotherapist, treating individuals, couples, families and groups. They were rewarding years during which I spent five years as psychological consultant at the Alexander von Humboldt School and three years on a research project, under Dr. Jessica Rochester, evaluating the positive effects of chemical free (whenever possible) nutrition on negative behaviour in children and adolescents.

When I retired from my practice, my husband Francois and I left Montreal and made our home in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario. Away from the big city, transplanted into a pint-size community, I had to create a new life for myself. My dear friend, Bunty (Anne) Loucks, three other writers, and I started Brockville’s Writers’ Ink, a group of local writers that has grown to twenty-nine members. Two years later, I joined the board of the newly founded Thousand Islands Writers Festival. Both organizations keep me immersed in the world of writing and reading.

I feel at home, now, in my new environment of country living. We no longer have a pet. The last one was Victor (our “butler” cat who had a white bib and white paws). He lived to the ripe old age of sixteen years. Now we have deer, foxes, turkeys, falcons, pet squirrels, and raccoons. While Francois thinks they are wonderfully entertaining, I could wring their necks when they eat their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in my gardens. But I don’t want it any other way – not really!

The muses for my first book, “The Princess on a Cloud”, were my nieces Saby and Andi, my grand nieces Jessie and Laura, my goddaughter Emma, and my granddaughter Emeleen whom you can meet in the photos if you click on the link. I have finished writing the first draft of the second book in the planned trilogy. Its title is Two Princesses on a Unicorn.