English Boy, Cole, Loves His New Books

The Secret of the Golden Orbs is successfully launched. It has traveled across the Atlantic to be read by a young English boy named Cole. His mom sent me the photo with a short note that touched me, as that is the reason why I am writing children’s books.

Thank you to all of you who have bought my books. I appreciate it very much. Now… please be so kind and leave a review on Amazon.ca, on Amazon.com, and on my website. Your reviews will help the future reader in deciding whether to buy the books.

Note from Cole’s mom:

Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. Cole’s books arrived a couple of days before Christmas and he was super excited to receive them. We started reading straight away and couldn’t put the book down. You are an amazing writer and storyteller, no wonder your children loved having you make up stories for them at bedtime. When we have finished I will be sure to pop up some reviews on Amazon for you.x

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