The Secret of the Golden Orbs is at the printer’s now!

I am glad to finally announce that, after almost four years, the second book in The de la Montagne Trilogy has gone to the printer’s in the USA. As my previous Canadian publisher closed doors, after 45 years in business, it was difficult to find a new publisher.
the-secret-of-the-golden-orbs-front-cover the-secret-of-the-golden-orbs-back-cover


Meanwhile, the readers of the first book, The Princess on a Cloud, are four years older, as are the two protagonists, Cordelia and Emma. A third character, Jason Birdwing, has joined the two princesses in their adventures and plays an important part in the story.

I would have preferred to announce the imminent arrival of The Secret of the Golden Orbs via a publisher’s wine and cheese launch, as was usually done, before the arrival of self-publishing, podcasts, and e-books forced many traditional publishers out of business.

While the The Secret of the Golden Orbs will be available at and via my publisher, New Author Publishing—starting in December—you can pre-order your book directly from me to ensure having it for Christmas. It has 205 pages, and several excerpts from Book III of the trilogy, plus six full-page illustrations, created by Gary Fredericks, who also illustrated Book I. If you would like the book(s) you order to be signed and inscribed to a specific child , I gladly do so. If you wish to give the book as a Christmas present, please let me know ASAP. The price is $20 plus postage, or $35 for the set of Book I  and Book II. However, Book II can also be enjoyed without having read  the first book.

This second book in the trilogy is as much suited for boys as for girls between eight to twelve years of age. Here is Maggie Wheeler’s, author of the bestselling Farran Mackenzie “Lost Villages” mystery series, review of the book:

R. Patricia Capitain has crafted another engaging story for the pre-teen reader. Princesses Cordelia and Emma’s and their friend Jason’s adventures continue, laced with mysterious flying creatures, natural disasters, threatening strangers and defenseless children. Balancing royal expectations and youthful inexperience, the girls take the reader through more lively twists and turns as they take on responsibilities for their actions and face the greatest adventure of all—growing up!Maggie Wheeler

The first book in the trilogy, The Princess on a Cloud, is not available via at this time, but is expected to be back in 2017. If you don’t have it, you may purchase it from me. The book is the story of two girls, from opposing backgrounds, learning that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. They have to overcome social challenges, emotional hurts, mental tests, and physical tasks to convince those in control to allow them to remain together. It is a story of learning to put trust in others, and to trust one’s own convictions and strength, to form bonds of true friendship, and to use one’s creativity to conquer life’s trials and tribulations, even at such early age as the protagonists’.



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