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The second book in the de la Montagne trilogy

The second book in the de la Montagne trilogy

The new year often incites people, perhaps you, too, to make resolutions. I just read the blog entry of a fellow writer who promised to spend more time on actual writing instead of marketing her books.

It is unfortunate that most authors now have to do so much of the work that used to be done by established publishers. The world of publishing has changed. Traditional publishing has been replaced largely by several new ways of getting authors’ works to the reader. There are electronic-, self-, and co-publishing, as well as publishing on demand. These are new industries that have grown at a fast pace. Due to their arrival, many publishing houses have closed their doors and left contracted authors on a limb.

GSPH, the publisher with whom I was under contract for writing the de la Montagne trilogy , folded a year ago. My readers have waited with bated breath (their words) for the 2nd book in the trilogy. The book is called The New Adventures of Cordelia and Emma. I had promised its publication for Christmas 2015. It did not happen, despite the fact that the book is ready to go to print, i.e. it was edited and illustrated. I am now in the process of finding a new publisher who will not only take on the publishing of the second book but also agree to redistribute the first book. It is a challenge, and I hope to be successful soon.

While Princesses Cordelia and Emma have grown older in the storyline of the book, the readers of The Princess on a Cloud have done the same, and I had better get the book to them before they are too grown-up to enjoy it. Though I must say that many parents have told me they enjoyed the first book as much as their children did.

A new character is introduced in The New Adventures of Cordelia and Emma: Jason Birdwing, the Royal Physician’s son. He is a boy with a secret and a tough challenge for Princess Emma’s tomboyish enthusiasm and Princess Cordelia’s curiosity. Both girls are challenged in different ways. Emma takes on Matron Ruth at the orphanage and Cordelia must find a way to escape from kidnappers. Both girls must rely on themselves to solve problems in difficult situations. At the same time, they learn to work together and accept support from their peers.

Dr. Birdwing and Jason conduct a secret science project. Its outcome causes havoc in the de la Montagne Kingdom. It opens the princesses’ eyes to the possibilities of creating living beings from the DNA of what seemed to be dead matter before.

Here is an excerpt from the book: 

Jason grabbed a big flashlight off the table. “Come with me,” he said and led her down a narrow passage Cordelia had not noticed before. An unpleasant smell forced her to pinch her nose shut. Two incandescent discs glowed in the almost dark back of the cave.

               “That is it,” Cordelia yelled. “Those are the golden globes I saw the other day. I want to get out of here, before it attacks me again!”

               “For goodness’ sake, Cordelia, calm down; you’ll scare him. I’ll turn on a light now, so be ready. Phoenix has never seen you before. It might scare him, and he could become frantic. I don’t know if he remembers your scent from the time you were here before.”

               When the light came on, Cordelia could hardly believe what she saw:  a creature that looked like a bird in the front and a dinosaur in the back. He was the size of an eagle. His body was covered in long and short feathers. His claws were sharp, and his tail was long. When he saw the princess, he began to cluck and move around nervously.

               “Speak to him,” Jason encouraged her. “He reacts to the human voice.”

               “Hi there Phoenix,” Cordelia said softly. Immediately, the creature stopped moving about and hopped closer. He cocked his head at an angle as if he wanted to listen with only one ear. Then he lifted one foot and used his long claw to scratch behind his wing. Some kind of thread hung off his claw. Cordelia noticed it first.

               “What is he pulling around with him?” she pointed at the thread in the creature’s claw.

               “Looks like a piece of rope,” Jason said. Then he slapped his forehead: “That’s how the kidnappers got away! He must have scratched at the rope until it came apart. He probably scared them, and they ran off thinking the devil was after them! Who knows what else he did?”

               “I hope he scared them half to death and gave them a few scratches and bites, so they will never come back!” Cordelia added.

               “Yes… of course… it makes perfect sense, now. What a clever thing to do. He must be quite intelligent.” Jason’s eyes sparkled. Cordelia let out a big sigh. “Incredible,” she nodded.


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