Sad News – Good News

I am sad to write that my publisher—General Store Publishing House (GSPH)—with whom I had a contract for the de la Montagne trilogy,  has closed its doors after almost forty years in the business.  GSPH has fallen victim to the ever-growing  changes in the publishing industry. E-book publishing, self-publishing, and publishing-on-demand are the new modes used to get books to readers.

It is not all sad news, though! The illustrator, Gary Fredericks, who created the lovely illustrations for the cover and inside the first book of the trilogy, The Princess on a Cloud,  has finished the cover design for the second book,  The New Adventures of Cordelia and Emma. You are allowed a sneak preview of it below. All that is left for me to do, now, is find  a new publisher so that my young readers can have the sequel by the end of this year. I am busy writing the third and last book of the de la Montagne trilogy in which Cordelia and Emma will  encounter new challenges and adventures. I will keep you in the loop about the progress. Check-in, every now and then, for further news.


The Sequel

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  1. Andi says:

    I love the cover! It’s captivating. Gary did a great job. I hope you will find a new publisher really soon, we are waiting to read the new book.

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