I finished the sequel!

Today I did two things that are special:
I prepared a flyer to family, friends, and associates, announcing that The Princess on a Cloud (TPOC) is now available from the publisher. Then I finished writing the sequel, Two Princesses on a Unicorn, (TPOU). It felt good to add “The End” on the last of the 140 pages.
A whole year has passed since I started the second book. And what an exciting year it was: I learned so much from all the people involved in publishing my first book: the illustrator, the editor, the designer, and the publicist. I almost forgot to mention the publisher with whom I worked out the finer points of the contract, of course!
I knew right from the beginning that this would be a trilogy. No, I should say that in my mind it was going to be a trilogy. Whether or not that will happen, depends on the sales of the first book. So much has changed in the publishing world since self-publishing and e-books have become such trends. So many publishing houses have either closed or joined forces with another one in the hope to outlast these modern trends.
Fifty years ago, it was television vs. movies. When TVs invaded everyone’s living room, movie theaters were closing. The forecast for their survival was dim. Today, they are thriving! I hope the same will happen with the hard copy of books.
Francois bought me a Kindle last summer. I read ten pages on it and gave up. “It isn’t the same”, I told him, but he just shook his head. He doesn’t understand. I get upset when he suggests Kindle to others. His argument: “A Kindle is a modern form of a book. In the beginning, they wrote on stone – now, you use the computer. It’s the same thing with the Kindle!” I had to admit that he had a point. But for the time being, it is the feel of turning a real page instead of pressing a button that I want!

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  1. Sharon Mitchell says:

    Hi Rita,
    I’m a friend of Andi’s and my husband and I had supper at your place once roughly 30 years ago.

    Andi gave me the link to your website. Wow! It’s lovely. And, congratulations on finishing your second book. I published one and have two more in draft form, but have not completed them yet. I find the initial writing easy, but am slow at the revisions/editing.

    Perhaps we’ll meet in Tofino in July.


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