The Princess on a Cloud (TPOC) has arrived

2012-12-19 17.06.57On December 19th we had guests for lunch. In the middle of the luncheon, TPOC was delivered. The publisher had his printers and press work all weekend to finish the job before Christmas. It was a lovely surprise. When I held my first book in my hands, I felt sheer delight. To have fellow authors present-not to forget Francois-made the surprise even more meaningful. Copies of TPOC became Christmas presents for my four muses and other family members and friends. Our luncheon guests were the first paying customers! Francois took the above photo of me signing the first copy of the book. Now I have to get cracking and finish the sequel Two Princesses on a Unicorn (TPOU). Only the last chapter needs to be written before I start the re-writing process. But that can wait until spring break when I can do so without interruptions. Once the sequel has gone off to the editor,

I’ll start writing the last book of the trilogy. Part of it exists in my little old brain already, waiting to be put on paper, or-more correctly -typed up on the computer! Its possible title is Which Princess for the Throne?(WPFT) But for now, I’ll just enjoy knowing that my princess will soon find many homes where she will come to life in the mind of young children for whom she was created.

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  1. Victor Rosario says:

    Waiting for your next book. When can we expect the promised sequel to The Princess on a Cloud?

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