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Book II of The de la Montagne Trilogy starts where the first book, The Princess on a Cloud, finished. Cordelia and Emma face problems and challenges that seem to be unsolvable at first, but with determination and creativity, each girl succeeds in her own way.

Princess Cordelia makes a new friend in Jason Birdwing, the son of the Royal Family’s physician. By chance she discovers the doctor’s secret research project of pre-historic creatures and becomes part of it. Cordelia’s goody-two-shoes nature—this is how Emma describes her sister’s behaviour—does not allow her to act against her parents’ rules. But when Emma breaks a rule, and enters into a forbidden zone, the aftermath puts her sister into danger. It is Cordelia who pays the price by getting kidnapped. Will she find a way and have the courage to escape her kidnappers?

When frightening events begin to happen in the kingdom, when strange creatures nobody can describe properly create havoc in many places, Dr. Birdwing and his son are desperate to solve the mystery of the golden orbs that have attacked Cordelia. Had their research gotten out of control and become a threat to humans?

Both girls revisit their old friend, the Forest King, who reveals that something very valuable was stolen from the Kingdom of the Forest. Who were the thieves?

The girls meet Vita, the unicorn, when they are in a life and death situation and in dire need of help. Will he help or will he be angered by Emma’s unpleasant behaviour?

Princess Emma learns of the ghastly repercussions her flight from the orphanage, four years ago, had caused her former inmates. She must find a way to rid herself of the guilt she feels and restore happiness in the orphanage. Emma has to work hard to regain a sense of self-worth.

The girls no longer want a governess. They want to go to the de la Montagne Public School. Will their carefully prepared, logical arguments convince their parents that it is a good idea? Book III will take up where this book leaves off.

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The Princess on a Cloud – On Sale Now!


Who hasn’t imagined having a double…someone who looks just like you, but whose life is so much more interesting? That’s what Cordelia and Emma, two young girls from very different backgrounds, discover one magical Midsummer’s Eve in The Princess on a Cloud: A Fairy Tale of Suspense.

Cordelia and Emma, who live in the Kingdom de la Montagne, meet during the magical Midsummer Night’s Ball hosted by the Forest King. They are bewildered when they realize how much they resemble each other. With the help of Fairy Hella they switch their identities. At the end of the ball the girls go to their new homes where adventure and deception lead the way. They learn through trial and error that someone else’s life isn’t always better. The princess and the orphan both discover the importance of a promise given and experience the value of newly formed friendships. When they reunite, after having been separated for a year, they must depend on their creativity to overcome problems they hadn’t anticipated. From once upon a time to happily ever after,

The Princess on a Cloud is a tale of suspense that will keep the reader hooked, wanting to read or hear one more chapter.

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6 Responses to The Secret of the Golden Orbs is available now

  1. Ian Gentles says:

    This is a beautifully written story that maintains good pace and suspense right to the end. I think it would be enjoyed by any child between the ages of 8 and 12. Like all good fairy tales it also has a moral dimension. Highly recommended.
    Ian Gentles

  2. Victor Rosario says:

    Looking forward to this book for my grand kids. Finally a book with princesses instead of monsters!

  3. Rosalita#37 says:

    I love a suspense – and with a Princess – what more could I ask for in a book for my daughter!We enjoyed reading it chapter by chapter, keeping up the suspense until the very end. Now we have to wait for the sequel to be published to find out what the princesses are up to next. The book has inspired my daughter to write her own twenty-page book!

  4. Vern LaRue says:

    Bravo! This book of suspense could not have been written at a more propitious time. Many people are concerned about the negative effects of millions of little girls being treated and growing up as little “Princesses”. (“Let them eat cake.”) This book will not only appeal to the young reader, but help them to get their feet back on the ground and face-up to the realities of life. A captivating book!

  5. Sandra Grace Neil says:

    Patricia Capitain’s The Princess on a Cloud is simply delightful to read… at any age! A unique “fairy tale of suspense”, witfully written for young readers, yet filled with life lessons for everyone. The author brilliantly maintains the suspense and mystery of the princess’s adventure until the very end. Definitely a refreshing literary style for younger audiences. After reading the excerpt from the sequel, I can’t wait for it to come out! Capitain’s The Princess on a Cloud has a very special place on my great niece’s bookshelf — her very first book ever! If you can only “love the life you live”, you will inevitably “live the life you love”!

  6. Vivianne says:

    The Princess on a Cloud is a delightful story. I would be glad to read it to the important girls that may come into my life. The language is descriptive and evocative, giving the young mind an opportunity to engage the imagination. It is a timeless magic tale, which also has a progressive ideology. The heroins find their own solutions and are greatly empowered by this. This is a great message for today’s young girls: “Find your power within.” The other message I liked : “Connect with each other.” Female relationships are valuable and so important for personal growth. No prince is needed to create a wonderful story of love and courage. Certainly a good, entertaining read!!!

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